MSB Fortified


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  • This is the MSB (Maize Soya Blend Fortified) flour composed also of vitamins, minerals, milk, and sugar.
  • It can be found in 3 kg, 5 kg, and 50 kg.
  • Ingredients:Soybean, maize, sugar, milk powder, vitamins and minerals
  • Packaging materials:Laminated bags: 3, 5 et 30kg
  • Important characteristics:Rich in proteins and CHO and micro-nutrients
  • Who can consume:All people specifically people in much need of energy (elders, infants, pregnant mothers, lactating mothers…)
  • How to use:Porridge after cooking within boiling water
  • Expiry period:1 year when packaged

1Kg, 25kg, 30Kg, 3Kg, 50Kg, 5kg


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